Kirisute-gomen Kirisute-gomen was a right allowing samurai to strike down commoners, or those below their rank, who had insulted them, their honor or their position in any way, and to leave the body where it lay, without fear of indemnity or punishment. Samurai had the right to cut down [...]

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Tameshigiri Tameshigiri was a popular practice in the 17th century Edo period for testing the quality and keenness of a Japanese blade on items such as wara (bundled rice straw) Goza (rolls of woven rush matting), bamboo of various thickness, steel rods and sheets, occasionally cadavers and even convicted criminals. [...]

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Tsujigiri Tsujigiri originally referred to traditional duels between warriors, and later, during the Sengoku period, became associated with the indiscriminate cutting down of people. Those partaking in the practice were also known as Tsujigiri. A samurai cuts down another undercover of darkness There are stories [...]

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Dragonflies and Samurai

Dragonflies and Samurai Samurai armor, weapons, clothing and items often feature Dragonfly motifs. One of the reasons is that dragonflies were seen as auspicious creatures. Dragonfly motif tsuba sword guard Japan was once known as the “Land of the Dragonfly”, as the Emperor Jimmu [...]

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Chonmage, Samurai Topknot Hair Style

The Chonmage was a form of traditional hair-style worn by the samurai and other classes of old Japan. Originally, the samurai, and later townsfolk, would shave the tops of their heads as it was supposedly more comfortable to wear the kabuto helmet this way. It has also been suggested that the early samurai [...]

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Takagari – The sport of the Samurai Elite

Takagari is the sport of falconry using specially trained and bred birds of prey, including goshawks, eagles and falcons. Because of its great cost and the time required to train and maintain the birds, it was only available to the nobility, and became symbolic of their status and spirit. Takagari was referred to [...]

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