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Kitabatake Clan Samurai Gardens

Kitabatake Clan Samurai Gardens The beautiful Kitabatake Gardens are recognized as one of Japan’s three major samurai gardens. Despite the atmosphere of pure tranquility. The history is truly frightening. The area was once the scene of a bloodbath. Kitabatake Gardens, recognized as one of three major samurai gardens. [...]

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Nobunaga’s Wall, Atsuta Jingu Shrine

Nobunaga’s Wall Nobunaga’s Wall is a 2 meter high, 120 meter-long, tile-topped wall made from traditional Japanese kawara roof tiles sandwiched between a sandy-clay cement, and located among the ancient trees and shrines of the sacred Atsuta Jingu Shrine in the southern suburbs of Nagoya City. Known as the Nobunaga Bei, the wall [...]

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