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Saigo Takamori, the “Last Samurai”

Saigo Takamori, the “Last Samurai” (January 23, 1828 - September 24, 1877) Saigo Takamori Saigo Takamori, remembered as “The Last Samurai”, was a low ranking samurai official born in Kajiya-cho in the castle town of Kagoshima, Satsuma Domain on January 23, 1828. He was one of the most influential [...]

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The Honno-ji Incident

The Honno-ji Incident (June 21, 1582) The Honno-ji Incident occurred early in the morning of June 21, 1582, when Oda Nobunaga was attacked and died while staying at the Honno-ji Temple in Kyoto by a large force commanded by one of his most trusted generals, Akechi Mitsuhide. [...]

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Chosokabe Motochika

Chosokabe Motochika (1539 - July 11, 1599) Chosokabe Motochika, Daimyo of Tosa Chosokabe Motochika, daimyo of Tosa, was born to the 20thhead of the powerful Chosokabe clan, Chosokabe Kunichika in Tosa (Modern-day Kochi Prefecture) in 1539. In 1560, shortly before his own death, Kunichika had subjugated much of Shokoku [...]

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Ashikaga Yoshikatsu

Ashikaga Yoshikatsu (March 19, 1434 - August 16, 1443) (ruled 1442 until 1443) Ashikaga Yoshikatsu was the seventh of the Ashikaga Shogun, ruling from the age of eight. Yoshikatsu’s 48 year-old father, the sixth Shogun, Yoshinori, was murdered by Akamatsu Mitsusuke in July of 1441, and so his then eight year-old son, [...]

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Baba Nobuharu

Baba Nobuharu (1514 /15 - Killed in action June 29, 1575) Baba Nobuharu, also known as Baba Nobufusa was one of the much trusted 24 Generals of the great Takeda Shingen and is often mentioned in the Takeda clan’s Koyo Gunkan, diaries of war matters as a major personal advisor [...]

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Asano Naganori

Asano Naganori (September 28, 1667 – committed seppuku April 21, 1701) Asano Naganori of Ako, master of the famed 47 Ronin was born the first son of Asano Nagatomo, Lord of Ako Domain (Hyogo Pref.) in Edo in 1667. Naganori was just 9 years old when his father died in [...]

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Hosokawa Fujitaka Yusai

Hosokawa Fujitaka Yusai (June 3, 1534 – October 6, 1610)   Hosokawa Yusai Hosokawa Fujitaka, also known as Yusai was a highly respected daimyo, poet and scholar who served the 13th Ashikaga Shogun, Yoshiteru and the 15thShogun Yoshiaki, before coming into the service of Oda Nobunaga. Born the second [...]

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Hosokawa Sumimoto

Hosokawa Sumimoto (1489 - June 24, 1520) Hosokawa Sumimoto Hosokawa Sumimoto was a Muromachi period samurai general and supporter of the 11th Shogun, Ashikaga Yoshizumi. 
Born in Awa Province in 1489, he was the 6th son of Hosokawa Yoshiharu, but later adopted as heir to the deputy-shogun, Hosokawa Masamoto. [...]

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Goto Matabei

Goto Matabei (May 5, 1565 – June 2, 1615) Goto Matabei Goto Matabei (also known as Mototsugu) was said to have been born ready to fight. A native of  Yamada Village, Harima Province (now part of Himeji City, Hyogo Pref.) he was a much-respected professional warrior of the Sengoku [...]

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Arima Toyouji

Arima Toyouji (May 18, 1569 – November 21, 1642)  Arima Toyouji Arima Toyouji was a late Sengoku, early Edo period Daimyo, Lord of  Tamba Fukuchiyama, and the first Lord of Kurume Domain. He was born at Mitsuda Castle at Miki, Arima-gun, Harima Province (modern-day Hyogo Pref.) He served [...]

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