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Iwamura Castle, Gifu Prefecture

Iwamura Castle Iwamura Castle is considered one of Japan’s Best Three Yamajiro, mountaintop castles, and was once under the command of a warrior woman. Built atop a 717m high peak as protection for the south-eastern areas of Mino Province, Iwamura Castle, also known as Kirigajo, (Castle of the Mist) located above the township [...]

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Shimazu Yoshihisa

Shimazu Yoshihisa (February 9, 1533 - March 5, 1611)  Shimazu Yoshihisa Shimazu Yoshihisa was daimyo of Satsuma Province and the eldest son of Shimazu Takahisa. Yoshihisa is seen as one of the greatest leaders of his time, rising from lands in Kagoshima, southern Kyushu to almost conquering all of [...]

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Kondo Isami

Kondo Isami, October 9, 1834 - executed May 17, 1868 Kondo Isami Kondo Isami, expert swordsman and Commander of the Shinsengumi, was born Miyagawa Katsugoro in Kami-Ishihara, a small farming village in Chofu, western Tokyo. He was adopted into the samurai caste by Kondo Shusuke, who heard about the [...]

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Ashikaga Yoshiharu

Ashikaga Yoshiharu (April 2, 1511 - May 20, 1550)   Ashikaga Yoshiharu Ashikaga Yoshiharu, the 12thShogun, was the son of the 11thShogun, Ashikaga Yoshizumi. Yoshiharu held the position of Shogun from 1521 until his abdication in favor of his son, Yoshiteru, in 1546. As with most of the military [...]

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Samurai and Numbers

Samurai and Numbers The samurai were as superstitious as any culture around the world. Numbers played a major role in determining luck and fortune. The samurai were no different. 4. 四 Traditionally, four was deemed unlucky because can be pronouncedshi,which is the same as the word for death.For that reason, often floors or [...]

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Kitabatake Clan Samurai Gardens

Kitabatake Clan Samurai Gardens The beautiful Kitabatake Gardens are recognized as one of Japan’s three major samurai gardens. Despite the atmosphere of pure tranquility. The history is truly frightening. The area was once the scene of a bloodbath. Kitabatake Gardens, recognized as one of three major samurai gardens. [...]

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Kunitomo, Gunsmiths to the Samurai

Kunitomo, Gunsmiths to the Samurai The Kunitomo region of modern day Shiga Prefecture was the manufacturing center of matchlock guns that ultimately changed samurai warfare.  A range of Kunitomo produced matchlock guns Details of the bore Matchlock guns forever changed samurai warfare On August 25, [...]

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The Battle of Ukino, August 1558

Oda Vs Oda The Battle of Ukino took place in the summer of 1558 when Oda Nobunaga attacked and defeated an army of the Iwakura Oda clan from Iwakura Castle. Battle of Ukino, scene from the book “Famous Spots of Owari” Site of the Battle of Ukino, Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture   [...]

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The Battle of Hakodate

The Battle of Hakodate Battle of the Boshin War,Imperial Army Vs  Pro –Tokugawa forces (May 4, – May 10, 1868) The Battle of Hakodate, one of the last engagements of the Boshin War (Jan 27, 1868- June 27 1869) commenced on May 4, 1869, between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the remaining pro-Shogunate [...]

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Gifu Castle, Gifu Prefecture

Gifu Castle Gifu Castle has long been associated with the Sengoku, or warring States period, and has long been a symbol of Gifu City. Originally known as Inabayama Castle, it was first built by the Nikaido clan around 1201. Over the last 800 years it has been enlarged and strengthened by daimyo [...]

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