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Oda Nobukatsu

Oda Nobukatsu (1558 – June 10, 1630) Oda Nobukatsu Oda Nobukatsu was a Daimyo and warrior, born the second son of Oda Nobunaga in Ko’ori Castle, Niwa-Gun, currently Konan City of Aichi Prefecture in 1558. In 1570, after a short war between the Oda and the Kitabatake clan of [...]

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Todo Takatora

Todo Takatora (February 16, 1556-November 9, 1630) Todo Takatora     Todo Takatora was born in Todo Village, Omi Province. He commenced his military career as a lowlyashigarufoot soldier, working his way up to the rank of daimyo, during which he changed his allegiance seven times, working for ten [...]

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Sanada (Yukimura) Nobushige

Sanada (Yukimura) Nobushige (1567 - June 3, 1615) Sanada (Yukimura) Nobushige was one of the greatest samurai of the Sengoku Period. Born the second son of Sanada Masayuki and younger brother to Sanada Nobuyuki, he was never referred to as “Yukimura” during his lifetime, as his real name was Nobushige. [...]

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Shimazu Yoshihisa

Shimazu Yoshihisa (February 9, 1533 - March 5, 1611)  Shimazu Yoshihisa Shimazu Yoshihisa was daimyo of Satsuma Province and the eldest son of Shimazu Takahisa. Yoshihisa is seen as one of the greatest leaders of his time, rising from lands in Kagoshima, southern Kyushu to almost conquering all of [...]

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Soga no Iruka

Soga no Iruka (?? - assassinated, July 10, 645) Soga no Iruka was the son of the powerful statesman and Minister of State, Soga no Emishi, who had orchestrated the installation of the puppet Emperor Jomei on the Imperial Throne, despite Prince Yamashiro, son of Prince Shotoku, being the favored [...]

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Saigo Takamori, the “Last Samurai”

Saigo Takamori, the “Last Samurai” (January 23, 1828 - September 24, 1877) Saigo Takamori Saigo Takamori, remembered as “The Last Samurai”, was a low ranking samurai official born in Kajiya-cho in the castle town of Kagoshima, Satsuma Domain on January 23, 1828. He was one of the most influential [...]

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Sakuma Morishige

Sakuma Morishige (?? -June 11, 1560) Sakuma Morishige, also known as Daigaku, was a Sengoku (Warring States) period samurai and master of Gokiso Nishi Castle (Now Biyo Shrine, Nagoya City) first under Oda Nobunaga’s younger brother, Nobuyuki, and later under Nobunaga himself. He is mentioned in the Shincho-Koki, the Chronicles [...]

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Niwa Nagahide

Niwa Nagahide (October 16, 1535 – May 15, 1585) Niwa Nagahide was born in Aichi, Owari Province (Modern-day Nagoya City’s Nishi-ku) in 1535. He served Oda Nobunaga directly, becoming one of Nobunaga’s most trusted senior vassals. Nagahide participated in most of the major battles of his time, except for the [...]

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Toyama Kagemoto, Toyama No Kin San

Toyama Kagemoto,  Toyama No Kin San (September 27, 1793 - April 15, 1855)  Toyama Kagetomo, aka Toyama no Kin San Toyama Kagemoto was an official of the Edo Bakufu, and a Hatamoto ranked samurai serving the Tokugawa clan. He is best remembered as the character in the TV series, [...]

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Tokugawa Tsunayoshi

Tokugawa Tsunayoshi (February 23 1646 - February 19, 1709) Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, the 5thEdo Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, the fifth Edo period Shogun and known as the Dog Shogun, was brought up as a scholar instead of a warrior, as it was feared his lively spirit might lead to him usurping [...]

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