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The Battle of Ukino, August 1558

Oda Vs Oda The Battle of Ukino took place in the summer of 1558 when Oda Nobunaga attacked and defeated an army of the Iwakura Oda clan from Iwakura Castle. Battle of Ukino, scene from the book “Famous Spots of Owari” Site of the Battle of Ukino, Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture   [...]

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The Battle of Hakodate

The Battle of Hakodate Battle of the Boshin War,Imperial Army Vs  Pro –Tokugawa forces (May 4, – May 10, 1868) The Battle of Hakodate, one of the last engagements of the Boshin War (Jan 27, 1868- June 27 1869) commenced on May 4, 1869, between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the remaining pro-Shogunate [...]

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The Battle of Nagashino, June 28, 1575

Takeda Katsuyori (15,000) Vs. Oda Nobunaga & Tokugawa Ieyasu (38,000) The Takeda were the most feared samurai cavalry army of the 1500’s.  But they were decimated in one of the greatest of samurai battles, and Japan’s first major gun-battle, Nagashino, fought in 1575. The Battle of Nagashino  Takeda [...]

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The Isshi Incident

The Isshi Incident Fujiwara no Kamatari The Isshi Incident was a successful coup d’etat staged by Fujiwara no Katamari, and Prince Naka no Oe to destroy the Soga clan by first assassinating statesman Soga no Iruka on July 10, 645. Soga no Iruka was the son of the [...]

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The Battle of Dan-no-Ura

The Battle of Dan-no-Ura On April 25, 1185, Minamoto no Yoshitsune's fleet defeated the naval forces of the Taira clan in The battle of Dan-no-ura, fought in the narrow waters separating the northern tip of Kyushu and the southern tip of Honshu, known as the Shimonoseki Straits. The battle was the climax to [...]

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The Battle of Shiroyama (Sept. 24, 1877)

Imperial Japanese Army Vs Samurai of Satsuma   The Battle of Shiroyama, the battle that inspired the final scenes in the movie The Last Samurai, took place on Sept. 24, 1877, and was fought between the Imperial Japanese Army and the Samurai of Satsuma, in Kagoshima, Kyushu. 30,000 Imperial troops faced off against [...]

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The Honno-ji Incident

The Honno-ji Incident (June 21, 1582) The Honno-ji Incident occurred early in the morning of June 21, 1582, when Oda Nobunaga was attacked and died while staying at the Honno-ji Temple in Kyoto by a large force commanded by one of his most trusted generals, Akechi Mitsuhide. [...]

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The Battle of Yamazaki

The Battle of Yamazaki (July 2, 1582) Toyotomi Hideyoshi (around 30,000 troops ) Vs. Akechi Mitsuhide (around 12,000 troops) The Battle of Yamazaki, also known as the Battle of Tennozan, took place in Yamazaki, south of Kyoto less than two weeks after Akechi Mitsuhide had attacked and killed Oda Nobunaga at [...]

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Kagiya No Tsuji

Kagiya No Tsuji Kagiya no Tsuji was one of the three great vendettas of the Edo period, alongside Chushingura (The 47 Ronin Story) and The Soga Brothers Incident. The Kagiya no Tsuji Incident took place on December 26, 1634, at Otamachi, about 400m west of Iga Ueno Castle.   [...]

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The Sakai Incident, March 8, 1868

The Sakai Incident, March 8, 1868. The Sakai Incident has been remembered as one of the three major occurrences of samurai attacking foreigners during 1868. The Kobe Incident, the Sakai Incident and the Parkes Incident. In the Sakai Incident, 11 French sailors from the corvette Dupleix were killed March 8, 1868 in the [...]

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