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Matsue Castle

Matsue Castle, National Treasure listed castle. (Shimane Prefecture) It was once a rule that girls were not allowed to dance in the streets of Matsue City. If they did, the base of the city’s symbol, Matsue Castle, would begin to shake, endangering the towering building. The story goes that Matsue Castle’s Ishigaki stone [...]

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Azuchi Castle

Azuchi Castle, Azuchi’s design was based on that of Komakiyama Nobunaga’s first castle constructed. For defensive purposes, most castles feature a confusing or winding main path leading up to the important central Honmaru enclosure. This is to slow, hinder and impede any attackers efforts at storming the [...]

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Okazaki Castle

Okazaki Castle, Birthplace of the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu The Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu was born in Okazaki Castle in 1542, at a time of great civil unrest. The Tokugawa, or Matsudaira as they were named then, controlled the rice rich Mikawa plains of modern day eastern Aichi Prefecture, a region much desired by the [...]

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Hikone Castle, Shiga’s National Treasure

Hikone Castle, The Castle Spared By The Japanese Emperor Hikone Castle is classified as a hirayama-jiro, a castle built on a low hill and using the surrounding flatlands as part of its design. It is one of only 12 castles across Japan with its original tower keep, [...]

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Himeji Castle, National Treasure and World Heritage Site

Himeji Castle, located in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, is situated on 45.6 meter high Mt. Hime, overlooking the Harima Plain. The main tower group, covered in white plaster, is said to resemble a white egret taking flight with its wings spread, hence Himeji Castle’s other name of Shirasagi-jo, or “White Egret Castle”. Of the [...]

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Matsumoto Castle, Nagano’s National Treasure

Matsumoto Castle is a National Treasure designated castle standing on the plains of Matsumoto City, in central Nagano Prefecture. Being a hira-jiro, a castle built on the plains, Matsumoto required an extensive system of moats, stone and earthen walls, and gatehouses for defense. The site had been used as a fortress from around [...]

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Inuyama Castle, Aichi’s National Treasure

In 1440, Japan was in the middle of its Muromachi Period, the early stages of the violent Sengoku, or warring States period, where short, localized provincial wars continued to erupt. To mark and control territories, many hundreds of castles were built. One local warrior took advantage of the 85 meter high wedge shaped hill [...]

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The Battle of Sekigahara 1600

The Battle of Sekigahara October 21, 1600. Mino (Gifu) Tokugawa Ieyasu (East) (80,000) 
Ishida Mitsunari (West) (80,000) Sekigahara was the biggest, bloodiest field battle in samurai history! The nation had been unified first under Oda Nobunaga, who was assassinated by a traitorous general, and then by his successor, Toyotomi [...]

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The battle of Komaki-Nagakute 1584

The battle of KOMAKI-NAGAKUTE 1584. Owari (Komaki and Nagakute, Nagoya Aichi Prefecture) Toyotomi Hideyoshi (12,000) 
Tokugawa Ieyasu (9,000) The site of the most fierce fighting of the day is unfortunately now a shopping center. On the outskirts of Nagoya is one of the major battlefields of the [...]

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The Battle Of Okehazama 1560

The Battle Of Okehazama June 12, 1560 Oda Nobunaga (2,500) Vs. Imagawa Yoshimoto (25,000+) The Battle Of Okehazama, one of the most important battles in samurai history, was fought on June 12, 1560, on the outskirts of Nagoya City when 2,500 samurai trounced an army of 25,000, a ratio of [...]

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