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Sasayama Castle

Sasayama Castle (Hyogo Prefecture) Tamba Sasayama Castle, also known as Sasayama or Kirigajo (Mist Castle) is a Hira-jiro (flatland castle) built on a small rise in the Tamba region of Hyogo Prefecture. It was constructed as a stepping-stone in Tokugawa Ieyasu’s plan to attack Osaka and bring about the end of the Toyotomi clan. [...]

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Uwajima Castle

Uwajima Castle (Ehime Prefecture) Uwajima Castle in Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku is one of just 12 castles across Japan with the keep remaining in original condition. It is recognized as having one of the smallest keeps too. Uwajima Castle is a relatively difficult to reach, and therefore rarely visited castle.   [...]

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Nobeoka Castle(Miyazaki Prefecture)

Nobeoka Castle and the 1,000 Enemy Killer Stone Walls One of Nobeoka Castle’s most impressive features is the 22 meter high stone wall around the central Hon-Maru citadel. The story goes that if the castle should ever come under attack and a certain keystone was moved, the wall would tumble, killing 1,000 invaders! [...]

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Tsuyama Castle

Tsuyama Castle(Okayama Prefecture) Tsuyama Castle in Tsuyama city, Okayama Prefecture is known as one of Japan's top three major Hirayama (hilltop) styled castles, along with Himeji and Matsuyama Castles. Tsuyama Castle once consisted of 77 structures, including the main keep, various yagura (watch-towers), gates, and the palaces and living quarters. Hiroshima Castle by [...]

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Hakone Checkpoint(Hakone Sekisho)

Hakone Checkpoint   Hakone Sekishisho (Checkpoint) was one of the biggest and most important of the 53 major checkpoints located along the old Tokaido route between Edo and the capital, Kyoto. Travelers along the Tokaido were expected to undergo strict checks at these checkpoints.   The imposing gates of [...]

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Iga Ueno castle

Iga Ueno castle(Mie Prefecture) Most international tourists head to Iga Ueno to see the ninja, without even realizing the heart of the city is Iga Ueno Castle, one of the finest examples of a Warring States period fortress, and that the ninja museum and Iga Ueno Castle share the same location, the modern [...]

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Kakegawa Castle

Kakegawa Castle(Shizuoka Prefecture) Kakegawa Castle was a regular sight for travelers on the old Tokaido, the major route linking the samurai era center of government in Edo (Tokyo) and the capital of Kyoto. Travelers would pass through 53 checkpoints and post towns along the highway, stopping only at government approved inns along the [...]

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Iwasaki Castle

Iwasaki Castle(Aichi Prefecture) Iwasaki Castle, mostly forgotten by the history books and the tourist information guides, sits in modern day Nisshin City, some 15 kilometers south east of Nagoya City. Sited on a hill providing a clear view of the surrounding plain. Iwasaki Castle The [...]

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Yamato Koriyama Castle

Yamato Koriyama Castle The impressive ruins of Koriyama Castle sit atop a small hill and surrounded by two rivers. The positioning of the castle and its strong layout served it well through the final years of the Sengoku period, and through the peaceful days of the Edo period. Yamato [...]

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Yoshida Castle

Yoshida Castle, Pretty as a Picture Yoshida Castle is world famous. The intricately carved woodblock prints by the Edo Period artist, Hiroshige depicting the 53 stages of the Tokaido, (the old roadway between the capital of Kyoto and Edo, modern day Tokyo) are famous the world over. The 34th of the series shows [...]

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