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Kunitomo, Gunsmiths to the Samurai

Kunitomo, Gunsmiths to the Samurai The Kunitomo region of modern day Shiga Prefecture was the manufacturing center of matchlock guns that ultimately changed samurai warfare.  A range of Kunitomo produced matchlock guns Details of the bore Matchlock guns forever changed samurai warfare On August 25, [...]

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Samurai Rock Battles

Samurai Rock Battles Many samurai battles in the 14th to 16th century began not with the unleashing of arrows, nor by charges of cavalry or spear wielding ashigaru, but with an exchange of rock throwing. documents listing the various deaths and injuries, and their causes, list rocks as one of the "weapons" most [...]

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Samurai Stirrups, Abumi

The unique stirrups used by the samurai were known as Abumi. The earlier versions (pre-Nara period) had only a toe cup for support, while the Nara and Heian periods featured an elongated toe to heel foot-plate for greater support. Usually made of steel, abumi are often decorated with inlay and or lacquer. [...]

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Gunbai, War Fans Gunbai, also known as a Gunbai-uchiwa, were a war fan like device used by samurai commanders to direct troops during battle maneuvers, and as a symbol of rank. Decorative gunbai war fans Gunbai were of various size and shape, and made from either plain or [...]

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Daisho, Samurai Swords The Daisho was the pairing of long and short swords, worn as a symbol of the samurai. The Daisho was a symbol of the samurai rank The Daito (long sword) usually a katana, but possibly also a tachi, and Shoto (short sword) [...]

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Dangae-Dou Tousei Gusoku Samurai Armor

Dangae-Dou Tousei Gusoku Samurai Armor A type of samurai armor, Tousei Gusoku means literally “Modern Armour”, and by modern, it meant from the Muromachi period (1337 ~1573) when armour was no longer made with small plates of laced lamella called kozane, but larger plates of steel. Most tousei gusoku were nimai-dou, being two [...]

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Toppai Kabuto

Toppai Kabuto, Chinquapin Shaped Coned Samurai Helmet Toppai Kabuto, also known as or coned helmets are a type of Suji kabuto. Toppai kabuto were made of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or more suji, being the triangular splints, beaten to form a concave shape, then riveted together to make the cone shape of the [...]

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Yari-busuma, Spear Formation Yari-busuma was a battle formation formed to counter a charge of advancing horse mounted samurai. The spear wielding ashigaru would line up and crouch down with their faces downwards to suppress any fear. Spears would be held out facing forwards, with the tips resting on the ground, and [...]

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Suna-Teppo, Secret Samurai Weapon

Suna-Teppo, Secret Samurai Weapon Suna-Teppo (literally sand-gun) also known as a Sokutoki, was a weapon said to be used by Yoshitsune in the Heian period, and by Miyamoto Musashi too. A Suna Teppo or Sokutoki This particular piece was owned by the Sanada clan of Shinano [...]

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Yari, Samurai Long Spears

Yari, Samurai Long Spears When approaching the enemy in battle, spears were often not pointed at the enemy as would be expected, but raised, then dropped onto the opponents! Samurai enter a battle with spears raised Being clobbered before being stabbed and cut with a [...]

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