Toppai Kabuto

Toppai Kabuto, Chinquapin Shaped Coned Samurai Helmet

Toppai Kabuto, also known as or coned helmets are a type of Suji kabuto. Toppai kabuto were made of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or more suji, being the triangular splints, beaten to form a concave shape, then riveted together to make the cone shape of the helmet bowl.


This piece, a shiinomi nari toppai kabuto, features 10 plates in its cone construction. Shiinomi refers to the turned up edging along each suji that further strengthens the helmet. A koshi-no-ita base plate encircles the lower section of the cone, and a visor, or tousei mabisashi, is fitted to the front. Over and around the koshi-no-ita are three rows of neck guard, or shikoro, the upper featuring the Fukigaeshi(Fukikaeshi), the “ear” like flanges peculiar to samurai helmets. The horn-like kuwagata are made of light kiri wood, and the golden dragon maedate is gold leaf on carved wood.

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