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The Samurai Heroes – ページ 3 – Samurai World

Hosokawa Sumimoto

Hosokawa Sumimoto (1489 - June 24, 1520) Hosokawa Sumimoto Hosokawa Sumimoto was a Muromachi period samurai general and supporter of the 11th Shogun, Ashikaga Yoshizumi. 
Born in Awa Province in 1489, he was the 6th son of Hosokawa Yoshiharu, but later adopted as heir to the deputy-shogun, Hosokawa Masamoto. [...]

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Goto Matabei

Goto Matabei (May 5, 1565 – June 2, 1615) Goto Matabei Goto Matabei (also known as Mototsugu) was said to have been born ready to fight. A native of  Yamada Village, Harima Province (now part of Himeji City, Hyogo Pref.) he was a much-respected professional warrior of the Sengoku [...]

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Arima Toyouji

Arima Toyouji (May 18, 1569 – November 21, 1642)  Arima Toyouji Arima Toyouji was a late Sengoku, early Edo period Daimyo, Lord of  Tamba Fukuchiyama, and the first Lord of Kurume Domain. He was born at Mitsuda Castle at Miki, Arima-gun, Harima Province (modern-day Hyogo Pref.) He served [...]

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Honda Masashige

Honda Masashige (1580 – July 5, 1647) Honda Masashige was the second son of the trusted and close advisor to Tokugawa Ieyasu, Honda Masanobu. Along with his father, Masanobu, Honda Masashige originally served Tokugawa Ieyasu, and then Ieyasu’s son, the future second Shogun, Hidetada. In 1597, the then 18-year-old Honda [...]

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Hojo Tokimune

Hojo Tokimune (June 5, 1251 - April 20, 1284)  Hojo Tokimune Hojo Tokimune was born an elite warrior and statesman, destined to rule his clan and country, on June 5, 1251, to the fifthShikken(Regent) to the Shogun, Hojo Tokiyori. Tokimune would become eighth Regent at age 18. The Hojo [...]

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Hosokawa Tadaoki

Hosokawa Tadaoki (November 28, 1563 -January 18, 1646) Hosokawa Tadaoki Hosokawa Tadaoki fought his first battle as a 15-year-old under the command of Oda Nobunaga. In 1580, he received the Tango domain in modern-day northern Kyoto Prefecture and was soon married to the daughter of Akechi Mitsuhide, another of [...]

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Sakuma Morishige

Sakuma Morishige (?? -June 11, 1560) Sakuma Morishige, also known as Daigaku, was a Sengoku (Warring States) period samurai and master of Gokiso Nishi Castle (Now Biyo Shrine, Nagoya City) first under Oda Nobunaga’s younger brother, Nobuyuki, and later under Nobunaga himself. He is mentioned in the Shincho-Koki, the Chronicles [...]

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Mori Terumoto

Mori Terumoto (January 22, 1553 – June 2, 1625)  Daimyo Mori Terumoto   Mori Terumoto was a late Sengoku, early Edo period Daimyo born in Yoshida, Aki Province (modern-day Hiroshima Pref.) in 1553 to the distinguished and influential Mori Clan. Mori Terumoto’s grandfather was Mori Motonari, and his father [...]

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Niwa Nagahide

Niwa Nagahide (October 16, 1535 – May 15, 1585) Niwa Nagahide was born in Aichi, Owari Province (Modern-day Nagoya City’s Nishi-ku) in 1535. He served Oda Nobunaga directly, becoming one of Nobunaga’s most trusted senior vassals. Nagahide participated in most of the major battles of his time, except for the [...]

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Toyama Kagemoto, Toyama No Kin San

Toyama Kagemoto,  Toyama No Kin San (September 27, 1793 - April 15, 1855)  Toyama Kagetomo, aka Toyama no Kin San Toyama Kagemoto was an official of the Edo Bakufu, and a Hatamoto ranked samurai serving the Tokugawa clan. He is best remembered as the character in the TV series, [...]

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