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The Samurai Heroes – ページ 4 – Samurai World

Tokugawa Tsunayoshi

Tokugawa Tsunayoshi (February 23 1646 - February 19, 1709) Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, the 5thEdo Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, the fifth Edo period Shogun and known as the Dog Shogun, was brought up as a scholar instead of a warrior, as it was feared his lively spirit might lead to him usurping [...]

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Tokugawa Ieshige, the Ninth Shogun

Tokugawa Ieshige, the Ninth Shogun (January 28 1712 - July 13, 1761) (In office 1745 – 1760)    Tokugawa Ieshige, the ninth Tokugawa Shogun Tokugawa Ieshige was born the first son of Tokugawa Yoshimune. His mother was Osuma no Kata, the daughter of the Daimyo of Odawara, Okubo Tadanao, but [...]

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Bessho Nagaharu

Bessho Nagaharu (1558 - committed seppuku, February 2, 1580)   Bessho Nagaharu Bessho Nagaharu was a Sengoku Daimyo born in 1558 in modern day Hyogo Prefecture, the son of local daimyo, Bessho Yasuharu. He became head of the clan in 1570 with the death of his father. Nagaharu was [...]

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William Adams, AKA Miura Anjin

William Adams, AKA Miura Anjin (September 24, 1564 – May 16, 1620) Foreign samurai, William Adams William Adams, also known as Miura Anjin, was one of the few non-Japanese to have been awarded samurai status. William Adams was born in Gillingham, Kent in England in 1564. At the age [...]

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Azai Sukemasa

Azai Sukemasa (1491 - January 21, 1542) Azai family Crest Azai Sukemasa was born to Azai Naotane, a provincial warlord in northern Omi (Shige Pref.) in 1495, and served as a vassal of the Kyogoku clan. He took advantage of continual internal bickering and fighting within the Kyogoku family, [...]

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Tokugawa Gosanke, Owari Tokugawa Clan

Tokugawa Gosanke, Owari Tokugawa Clan Tokugawa Crest  The Tokugawa Gosanke were the three branches of the Tokugawa clan lead by three of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s sons to ensure the clan’s survival, and to provide a Shogun should the main line ever become extinct. It did, twice. Once in 1716 [...]

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Fujiwara no Tadamichi

Fujiwara no Tadamichi (March 15, 1097 -March 13, 1164) Fujiwara no Tadamichi ujiwara no Tadamichi was the eldest son of the statesman, Fujiwara no Tadazane, and followed in his father’s footsteps to become Kampaku (Chief Advisor to the Emperor, originally a title before the creation of Shogun) in 1121. [...]

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Sakuma Nobumori

Sakuma Nobumori (1528 - died in exile, February 18, 1581) Sakuma Nobumori Sakuma Nobumori was one of Oda Nobunaga’s longest serving, most loyal and important retainers, born in 1528 in what is now Minami-Ku of Nagoya City. Six years older than Nobunaga, Sakuma Nobumori would play an important role [...]

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Ii Naotaka

Ii Naotaka (March 16, 1590 -  August 16, 1659) Ii Naotaka was the second son of  Tokugawa general, Ii Naomasa, and later Daimyo of Omi (Shiga Pref.) following his fine efforts during the Siege of Osaka in 1614. The story of the Maneki Neko, the lucky cats seen in shops and homes across Japan, [...]

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Hosoi Heishu

Hosoi Heishu (August 3, 1728 – June 29, 1801) Hosoi Heishu was a samurai scholar born in the sleepy village of Hirashima, modern-day Arao, in Tokai City Aichi Prefecture, about 40 minutes drive south of Nagoya. Heishu was born in 1728 in a home where the Meitetsu Shurakuen Station now stands. Heishu was taught [...]

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