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The Samurai Heroes – ページ 5 – Samurai World

Shogun, Tokugawa Hidetada

Shogun Tokugawa Hidetada (May 2, 1579 - March 14, 1632) Tokugawa Hidetada was born the third son of Tokugawa Ieyasu, on May 2, 1579. Shortly after his birth, Ieyasu’s first son and wife were executed having been accused of plotting to assassinate Oda Nobunaga. Ieyasu’s second son had been adopted as an infant [...]

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Niwa Nagashige

Niwa Nagashige, May 11, 1571 - April 30, 1637 Niwa Nagashige was the eldest son of Niwa Nagahide, a loyal general under Oda Nobunaga. Nagashige first tasted battle alongside his father at the age of 12, when they fought against Shibata Katsuie under Toyotomi Hideyoshi at the Battle of Shizugatake. The following year, [...]

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Sakamoto Ryoma

Sakamoto Ryoma (January 3, 1836 – assassinated December 10, 1867) Sakamoto Ryoma was one of the key figures in the overthrowing of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Still recognized as one of the nation’s great heroes of the Edo period, Sakamoto Ryoma was born January 3, 1836 in Kochi, Toda domain in Shikoku. His ancestors [...]

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Nakagawa Hidemasa

Nakagawa Hidemasa (1568 - Killed in Battle November 27, 1592) Nakagawa Hidemasa Nakagawa Hidemasa was the son of the daimyo of Settsu Province (modern-day Hyogo Prefecture) Nakagawa Kiyohide, and older brother of Nakagawa Hidenari. Hidemasa's wife Princess Tsuru (Tsuruhime) was the youngest of Oda Nobunaga’s seven daughters. His uncle [...]

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Kuroda Kanbei

Kuroda Kanbei (December 22, 1546 – April 19, 1604) Kuroda Kanbei, also known as Kuroda Yoshitaka, and later in life, Kuroda Josui, was a military advisor and 
daimyo of the late Sengoku period. A brilliant strategist, he was a highly respected warrior, known 
for his quick wit, bravery and loyalty. Kuroda Kanbei Yoshitaka [...]

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Minamoto no Yorinobu

Minamoto no Yorinobu (December 21, 986 - June 1, 1048)   Minamoto no Yorinobu Minamoto no Yorinobu was born a member of the influential Minamoto clan, son of the statesman Minamoto no Mitsunaka, an acting governor of ten provinces, Commander in Chief and Defender of the Northern Districts, and [...]

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Sassa Narimasa

Sassa Narimasa (February 6, 1536 – July 7, 1588) Sassa Narimasa was born in Hira Castle, the grounds of which are now the Koutsu-ji Temple, in Nishi-Ku, Nagoya City. At age 14, following his genpuku coming of age ceremony, he followed his father and became a retainer of Oda Nobunaga. [...]

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Ouchi Yoshitaka

Ouchi Yoshitaka (December 18, 1507 - Committed Seppuku September 30, 1551)   Ouchi Yoshitaka was daimyo of Suo Province (Modern-day eastern Yamaguchi Prefecture) ruling from his castle at Yamaguchi. He was 21 when his father, Ouchi Yoshioki died, and the domain was passed to his hands. Yoshitaka’s father was famous [...]

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Kutsuki Mototsuna

Kutsuki Mototsuna (1549 - October 12, 1632) Kutsuki Mototsuna was a daimyo, born in his namesake Kitsukidani Castle in Omi Province (Shiga Prefecture) in 1549. Mototsuna lost his father to war when he was two, and from then on was head of his clan. Mototsuna served the Ashikaga Shogunate at [...]

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Kato Kiyomasa

Kato Kiyomasa (July 25, 1562 - August 2, 1611) Kato Kiyomasa was an Azuchi-Momoyama and Edo period Daimyo, much respected warrior and 
castle architect. Kato Kiyomasa, Sengoku period hero Kiyomasa was born in modern day Nakamura Ward, 
Nagoya City. An interesting episode involves the young Kato Kiyomasa being sent to live with [...]

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