Wakisaka Yasuharu

Wakisaka Yasuharu (1554 – September 26, 1626)


Wakisaka Yasuharu

Wakisaka Yasuharu was the daimyo of Awaji Island, and later Ozu, Iyo Province. Wakasaka played a major role in The Battle Of Sekigahara in 1600.

Wakisaka first served directly under Akechi Mitsuhide as part of Oda Nobunaga’s forces. In the 1581 siege of Hijiyama, it was Wakisaka who led Oda Nobunaga‘s troops. The following year, Akechi Mitsuhide attacked and killed Nobunaga, and so Wakisaka became a retainer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Recognised as one of the “Seven Spears of Shizugatake” following the battle in 1583, he would be counted as being among Hideyoshi’s most trusted generals. Wakisaka was an expert in naval maneuvers and as such was awarded the fief of Awaji Island, and later made a commander in Hideyoshi‘s navy. He played a major naval role in Hideyoshi‘s Kyushu Campaign (1587), the Siege of Odawara (1590),

and the Korean invasions (1592 ~ 1598) where he led 1,500 warriors. The attacks on the Korean Peninsula were as disastrous for Wakisaka as they were for Hideyoshi. Wakisaka’s ships met defeat time and again at the hands of the Korean hero, Admiral Yi Sun-Sin.

At The Battle Of Sekigahara, Wakisaka intended to side with the Tokugawa, but felt obliged to join Ishida Mitsunari as Mitsunari had raised Wakisaka’s troops during a stay in Osaka. Wakisaka was based below the Kobayakawa forces on Mt. Matsuo, and was among the small number Western forces who turned at the decisive moment, bringing victory to the Eastern forces. Wakisaka’s samurai directly attacked and defeated the Otani garrison. His contribution to Tokugawa victory secured him his lands at Awaji, and later a domain at Ozu, Iyo Province (Ehime Pref. Shikoku)). Wakisaka Yasuharu died September 26, 1626, aged 72.

Wakisaka’s command post at Sekigahara

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